Allergy Information

Information Related to Allergy

Go through the FAQs below for further clarification about Appy Foods’ Allergy Policies

What to do if I have a Food Allergy?

If you are suffering from any kind of food allergy, please contact us directly before you place your order or to confirm any requests you made online.

How to ensure that the food allergy information provided is correct and up to date?

We are considerate about the health of everyone and don’t want to take any risk about it, so we suggest that you communicate to us directly and we will give you all the required and correct information about our food and how we prepare it.

How can I contact Flamers Pizza directly?

Our contact details are mentioned on the website, under the Contact Us page. Here you will find our telephone number, address and all the other essential contact details.

Isn’t it Obligatory for all food businesses to furnish information related to food allergies?

For any information concerning food allergies, please contact us directly, It is our duty to impart such relevant details to consumers.