Terms and Conditions

In these Terms and Conditions, the following terms or phrases are used several times and these expressions have the following meanings according to our organization's context

“Takeaway and Pronouns-We/Us/Our" refers to Flamers Pizza;

“AppyFoods”-It is a company-owned and operated by Impact Professional Solutions, a company registered in England under number 10079695, located at Innovation Centre Medway, Maidstone Road, Chatham, Kent ME5 9FD, United Kingdom. Hence all the terms and conditions are controlled by Appy Foods ltd.

"Website" means www.theflamerspizza.co.uk

"Application" means Flamers Pizza mobile and web application that you use for ordering food and cuisines online.

These Terms and Conditions are created to govern:

  • Your usage of the Website or Application
  • Deal with the sale of all goods and products by us and
  • And these are primarily set to administer the contract between you and our company. And If you want to submit an order with us, there is everything mentioned on our Website/Application that will direct you through the ordering process.
  • But, before making an order with us, you will be given the chance to analyze and make modifications, if required.
  • Lastly, Kindly check your order and make sure that you have read the Terms and Conditions carefully and that there is proper interpretation before submitting it. And if there is anything that you have not understood, feel free to communicate about it and get it cleared.


  • Orders will be executed according to their accessibility and validation of order price. But the Transmission of orders can differ sometimes, maybe due to availability or there can be delays due to unpredictable events or uncertainties for which we can’t be held liable.
  • For entering into a contract with Flamers Pizza, there is a criterion according to which you should be above 18 years of age and must have an authentic “credit or debit card furnished by a bank admissible to us.
  • Flamers Pizza also has the privilege to deny any request made by anyone. If your order is approved we will let you know by email and, SMS or through the website.
  • When submitting an order, you are assuring that all the facts and details you give to us are genuine and right, which indicates that you are an “authorized user of the credit or debit card” used to submit your order and there are adequate funds to meet the cost of the goods.
  • Though when you submit an order, you will get an acknowledgment e-mail and/or webpage ratifying receipt of your order but these particulars do not allude to the approval of orders, it's only the official response emails.
  • A contract will only take place when we send you official approval through the same means used for placing the order like SMS, e-mail, or other appropriate digital means, this alludes that the items or goods which you ordered have been dispatched to you. And Only those goods which were mentioned and transmitted will be part of the contract.


Although we implement all the necessary efforts to make certain that all the particulars, attributes, interpretations, descriptions, and prices which are there on this Website/Application are correct, still errors can occur.

And If we come upon such an error at the prices of any items for which you have placed an order, we will notify you of this as early as possible. And will give you the facility of reiterating your order at the required price or canceling it.

Also, if you wish to cancel the order for which you have paid the price, you will be entitled to receive a full refund from Flamers Pizza. But Delivery costs will be applicable in addition and such supplementary charges will be clearly visible where it is required and will also be included in 'Total Costs'. And if we are not able to contact you, we will consider the orders to be canceled.


  • All the online card payments are administered to the concerned online payment processors.
  • After securing the order, we will conduct the official evaluation on your payment card to confirm there are enough funds to execute the transaction. The payment will be deducted from your card after the evaluation is fulfilled.
  • And the cash which we will receive by debiting your card will be regarded as a full transaction against the valuation of the goods you wish to buy.


The time allotted for delivery execution cannot be exact; neither Appyfoods nor the Takeaway can give the precise time for delivery but we try with our full efforts to deliver within the approximate stipulated time specified when you make an order.


Online transactions made to Flamers Pizza are handled by AppyFoods LTD. For refunds, reimbursements, repayments, or any queries related to online paid orders, feel free to approach us on the details given below.

AppyFoods LTD, Email:info@appyfoods.co.uk , Website: www.appyfoods.co.uk. Address: Innovation Centre Medway, Maidstone Road, Chatham, Kent ME5 9FD, United Kingdom.Phone: 03453503784


  • After the accomplishment of the order and deduction of the payment from your account, you will not be allowed to abandon your order and will not be entitled to a refund.
  • However, if you still want to change or cancel your order, then you can contact the ……..The Customer Support team will try to fulfill your request by contacting the Takeaway on your behalf but it cannot promise that your request will be considered as food may be prepared by that time.


If the order you obtained is not satisfactory, you can share the feedback to the Takeaway through the customized feedback page on the website’s page or the mobile application. Feedback shared will be analyzed and presented on the respective Takeaway's page, as per the ….Customer Support team's discretion.


If you are dissatisfied or disappointed with any aspect of the services or the quality of goods provided by Flamers Pizza and want to demand any form of compensation, you can contact directly to Flamers Pizza to register your grievances and, wherever applicable the Flamers Pizza's complaint methods. And if you are not able to contact the Flamers Pizza, or the Flamers Pizza does not pay any heed to your complaint, you can contact the Appyfoods Customer Support Team, as the provider of this Website/Application, on 034 5350 3784 within 48 hours of placing your order and one of our Customer Support executives will try to contact the Flamers Pizza so that it can fulfill the demand of your compensation.


The ….Customer Support team is available to help you in all your endeavors and solve all your problems and will try to deal with all your queries properly and resolve them wherever possible regarding your orders. You can communicate all your problems, feedback, or suggestions by visiting the "Contact Us" section on the Website/Application and submitting your request through the provided contact form or contact number.


Implementation of our Website/Application is also regulated by our Privacy Policy and Terms of Use. Our Privacy Policy and Website/Application Terms of Use are included in these Terms and Conditions by this instance.


Flamers Pizza has the privilege to alter, revise, edit or change the services or any section/page of the website/ application at any time without serving the notice.


If at any time any of the provisions or specifications of these Terms and Conditions are found to be fallacious, invalid, inaccurate, or otherwise not enforceable by any court or other authority, that/those provision(s) will be terminated from the remaining Terms and Conditions but the remaining particulars will be deemed valid and obligatory.


If you violate any of these conditions and there are no repercussions from our side at that time, then also we can enforce our rights and powers in any other situation where you fail to observe those conditions.


All these mentioned Terms and Conditions, and the correlation between an individual and our company (whether it is related to the contract or any other) shall be directed and observed according to the laws of England & Wales.

And If you are a consumer of another country, your subject will be governed according to the obligatory measures of the law in your country of residence. Significantly, anything in the above-indicated clauses will not deprive you or diminishes your rights as a consumer to get governed according to those provisions.

All the dealings of disputes, disagreements, altercations, litigations, proceedings, or claims between you and us associated with these Terms and Conditions, or the relationship between you and us (related to the contractual function or otherwise) shall be managed according to the “Jurisdiction of the courts of England, Wales, Scotland, or Northern Ireland, as determined by your residency.”

Flamers Pizza

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