Flamers Pizza has acquired this privacy policy to assure the users of our obligations and strict adherence to privacy. The following privacy regulations apply to the website Flamers Pizza is considerate about the user's right to privacy and will only gather personal information in techniques that are mentioned here.

This privacy policy is made to inform individuals about how Flamers Pizza gathers and utilizes data when anyone visits our website or you provide information with your consent and it aligns with all the required lawful obligations.

Kindly, go through the following Privacy Policy deliberately. Your consent to this privacy is supposed to be considered when you use this site for the first time. And if you disapprove of this Privacy Policy and don’t want to give assent to it, you should stop visiting our site right away.

1. Crucial Definitions

Go through the following significant terms that we mention several times in this Policy to have a proper understanding:

“Cookies”- It is a small document positioned on the individual’s system from our site when you glance some certain sections of our website and/or due to the usage of some specific features of our site. For reference to a detailed description, go through the cookie section below.

“Personal Information”- It refers to each data associated with a person who is recognized from that information. In our terms, this refers to personal data that you provide us through the use of our site. All the personal information is sustained and worked out according to the UK's General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)”20………………

2. Important Description About Flamers Pizza

Our site is operated by APPY FOODS Ltd part of the Impact Professional Services, a company registered in England under number 10079695, located at Innovation Centre Medway, Maidstone Road, Chatham, Kent ME5 9FD, United Kingdom. Hence all the terms and conditions are controlled by Appy Foods ltd.

3. Things Involved in this Policy

This policy pertains to only the implementation of the user of our site. Though we may provide certain links to other websites but is only for some facts. We do not support or ratify such substances or services of these other websites.

4. Your rights concerning the information

There are certain rights regarding the personal data under the GDPR according to which we are required to strictly consider it. These are:

  • To know about the accumulation and processing of personal information,
  • Acquiring the personal details that we gather about you,
  • Correction of any information that we have if the data is flawed or insufficient,
  • To ask us to remove any personal data before the stipulated time,
  • To limit or stop the execution of the data,
  • To get a copy of the personal data,
  • Right to oppose anything regarding your data for particular purposes,
  • If you have any grievances or find anything which is not proper, then please contact us using the details given below in the Contact section and we go the extra mile to resolve your problems. And if you don't find our solution useful, then you can also approach the "UK’s supervisory authority, the Information Commissioner's Office.”

5. Compilation of The Personal Information

Generally, when you visit our website, some of your information-IP addresses, operating system, information of browser, date, and visiting time may be automatically received by our web servers.

And Flamers Pizza also collects information from you like your name, address, email Id, contact numbers, credit or debit card details, and other relevant information. This information is taken with the permission and choice of people. And all the information is saved in the Encrypted Method. All such information will be collected when:

  • When you use our website to place an order
  • Submit the reviews and feedback
  • Apply for the job
  • By interacting with us through email, in this case, we keep the matter of your email messages along with email addresses and our replies
  • You engage in the survey
  • You subscribe to get offers, gifts, samples, or any updates

Notably, when you make payments through our website, your debit or credit card information will be shared, but we assure you that all these payments will directly go to the concerned payment regulator such as Google Pay and we can't have access to such data. It's a separate obligatory relationship between an individual and the online payment service provider according to their terms and conditions. Hence are not possible for any fallacies or discrepancies or inappropriate charges created by them.

6. How We Make Use of the Information?

The use of our site indicates the acceptance of the terms and conditions of the Privacy Policy. We may use this data to give more enhanced and better output, to make the content more standardized as per the customer's priorities.

All the Personal Information is used and stored safely. We will follow all the rules and protect your rights under GDPR every time.

Our utilization of the person’s Personal Data will always be executed legitimately, it is needed due to the implementation of a contract with you( like when you place an order with us) because you have approved our use of your details. Additionally, we use the information for the following purposes:

  • Customizing, your experience on our site
  • To convey the latest updates on the company policies and services
  • When we collect the information through IP addresses and domain names, where the company doesn’t know about the customer's name and email address. We do so for “internal marketing purposes" like to check which section of the website is visited the highest number of times, or which product deal is most clicked so that we work on them more and yield the best results and offers
  • To tackle your queries
  • To develop more interesting marketing strategies
  • To communicate about any promotional events, offers, competitions, and marketing campaigns
  • To handle certain complaints and requests from users
  • Third Parties, whose particulars arise on our website can make use of 'third-party cookies.' For more on the regulation of these cookies, go through the cookies point below. And we also want to make it clear that we don’t administer the working of such third parties, nor the details that they take and operate. Therefore we recommend you to refer to the Privacy Policies of these websites separately.
  • You have the right to take back your approval to our site using your personal information at any time, and to demand its removal.
  • We ensure that we keep the data as long as it is needed for the required reasons for which it was taken.

7. Protection and Storage of Personal Information

  • We take utmost care to protect your information and keep it safe and secure with us. Therefore we implement proper technical, administrative, physical, and prescribed security measures to safeguard the data from misuse, unnecessary alterations, unauthorized access, and misappropriation.
  • And we only hold the information till the time our objective is fulfilled. It is usually dependent upon the purpose for which the data is acquired. For eg if we have obtained data through the subscription of the customer, so it is only kept till the subscription is valid. We will not execute our marketing activities for you longer than our prescribed period unless you approve an extension.

8. Disclosure of the Information (Involvement of Third Parties)

  • If required, Flamers Pizza may need to share information with some crucial Third Parties: this includes suppliers, dealers, IT service providers, Email service providers, law enforcement agencies in compliance with GDPR, etc. But this data will only be shared and processed within the legal boundaries
  • We may also have to organize the statistics about the working of our Site which includes data on ‘traffic, performance measures, sales, number of users and other information. All data will be in anonymity and will not involve any associated personal data.
  • Sometimes, the third-party data regulators which are situated outside the European Economic Area ("the EEA"- All EU member states with Norway, Iceland, and Liechtenstein) can also be involved. Whenever we share any personal data outside the EEA, we assure that all the mandatory steps will be taken for the protection and safety of the data as it is done within our country and within the control of GDPR.
  • As Flamers Pizza is powered by appyfoods, a macro website that controls the operation and data of Flamers Pizza, so all the information is automatically shared with this macro website assuring that no such data will be shared with other third parties, who have no stake in it.

9. Legal Requisites for the application of Information

Under GDPR, the main reasons that we need to use your information are:

a) Mandatory Observance of Legal Rules

We have to follow certain legal essentials to process your information. Also, we may be compelled to share your information with legal authorities.

b) Due to the ‘Legitimate Interests’

Maybe we, or the third party, will need to organize your Information for the reasons of legitimate interests, but we should operate in such a way that those interests are not compromised by the individual's rights and freedoms, including the right to have your information secured.

c) In certain situations, we may seek your approval to process your information in a particular way.

10. Impact on the Policy if the Business Ownership is Changed

  • At times we may need to widen or lessen the functions of the business, for this, we may sell and/or transfer the control of the whole or some stake of our business. In such circumstances, the personal data that you have given which applies to any part of the business that is being given to the other owner will also be transferred along with that section. And the new owner will be allowed to direct that data according to this privacy policy only for the same reasons for which it was taken by our company.
  • In these situations where data is to be shifted, you will not be intimated before the ownership changes.

11. Control of Data By Users

When you share your data via SMS, email, or our Site, you are given the option to restrict our control of your data. And we wish to grant you more power to control our use of your personal information; At any time consumer has the right to terminate the consent related to any data that it has given. He/she can do it by unsubscribing to that particular direct marketing communication channel or by just sending an e-mail on the mail id-

12. Option of Not Sharing Information

You may enter into particular areas of the site without giving any information. But to avail all the functions and attributes of the site. You may need to permit the accumulation of specific data.

13. Accessing and Editing of Information

  • At any time you have the full privilege to ask for a copy of the information that we have collected about you, and we will make the information available to you through decryption. For this, you can contact us through the contact details below. If you feel that there are certain discrepancies in the information or it is not complete, you are free to make the required changes and update it.
  • Right to get the Information Deleted or Erased if it is of no use
  • Right to raise objections regarding the processing of data, which may include working on the information for 'direct marketing purposes.

14. Cookies

  • As already mentioned above, Cookies are the small text files that our website sends to your system when you view the Flamers Pizza site, which is subsequently stored on your system by your browser. This cookie helps to identify you when you visit our again and again on our site and systematically coordinates your visit to different pages on the site.

For eg, once you make your new order, you may be given a chance to customize your order, in this way system takes it into account for future use. Now a cookie will be created in your browser that facilitates us to recognize your computer when you return to that same order of your favorite pizza next time.

  • Before positioning the cookies, the pop-up window will be displayed where you will be requested to give consent to place those cookies. By giving your acceptance to the placing of cookies, you are allowing us to impart great services and facilities to you. Though you may refuse to give your assent to the cookies then we may not able to provide you with the best experiences and facilities.
  • There are particular properties of our site which are dependent on the functioning of cookies. Cookie Law considers these cookies to be firmly essential. Hence you must be apprised of these. Still, you may deactivate the cookies but keep in mind that by disabling cookies, our site may not operate appropriately and we have taken the required necessary steps so that your privacy is not compromised by approving these cookies.
  • We also avail of the features of Google Analytics which is used for a clear and apt understanding of the way our site is used, through the assembling and analyzing of personal information. This leads to the improved results of our site by giving a pleasant and more valuable experience without creating any risk to your privacy or safety.
  • You may limit our usage of cookies. You may wish to enable or disable the cookies in your browser. Also, most browsers allow you to decide whether you want to deactivate all the cookies or only third-party cookies. Though mostly all the systems accept cookies you can change this setting.
  • Well, there is also an option to disable cookies from our site, where the browser will send you a notification before a cookie is stored, but if you will reject all the cookies, you may not take the benefits of all the attributes of our site.

15. Contact Us

If you have any queries or want to give any suggestions or feedback, reach out to us by our telephone no +441634711511 or by post or directly to Unit C3, Spectrum Business Centre, Anthony''s Way, Medway City Estate, Strood.

16. Changes to This Privacy Policy

Our privacy policy can be transformed at any time. And if we change it, this new policy can be seen on this site, therefore please check it regularly, especially if you give any important personalized information.